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MSI 416: Communications Networking & Security


Term Paper

  • Topic: Security (see recommended topics and questions below)
  • Pages: 4-5
  • Spacing: Single-spaced
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Margins: 1" on every side
  • Citations: DO NOT copy/paste large quotations. Everything MUST be cited. If using text verbatim, may only be a sentence or two and these must be within quotes. There should be no block quotations.
  • Submission Date: End of April.
  • Security Risk Analysis (Specific case and analyze)
  • Sensor Network (Wireless sensor security or Privacy (e.g. RFID)
  • Botnets - Detection & Protection
  • Land Mobile Wireless Security (Terrorist attacks to disrupt emergency communications)
  • Impact of Sensor Networks on Supply Chain
  • Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability to Hacking Attacks (e.g. Risk to power grid, dams, nuclear power plants, transportation (pick one))
  • Impact of Government Legislation such as HIPAA on Privacy
  • Insider Threats to Organizational Security
  • What does the topic mean?
  • Why is this a topic of interest?
  • What have other people done about it? (Prior Research)
  • What are the weaknesses in previous work
  • What needs to be done in the future?
  • What impacts of the problem do you see in the future? (Forecast)

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