MSI 520: Database Design and Application Development



Assignment given in any week is due at the beginning of the class in the next week. There will be a penalty of 10% per day for late assignments unless there is a very pressing reason for the delay. Please work individually on all assignments. Stop by my office if you have difficulty in understanding the assignment or the course material related to the assignment.


Each student will complete at least the first four tutorials from the Microsoft Access 2000 book. The tutorials are self paced and can be done outside of the class.

Library Database: library2000.mdb

University Database: univdbchpt3A2000.mdb

Database Final Project

Design a database for placement services for the school of business in a university. The primary purpose of the database is to schedule interviews and facilitate searches by the students and the companies that are looking for candidates. The database should have information about students, job openings, companies, interviewers, interviews and conference rooms for interviews.

Entity-Relation Model (4pts): For each entity identify the attributes, and relationships. List all possible keys for each entity and select a suitable primary key. Draw an entity relationship model.

Normalization (4pts): Normalize your data to Boyce-Codd Normal Form and describe your normalization.

Database: Create the database in Access and populate the tables with the data.

Queries(10pts): Put enough data to demonstrate queries on the data. Formulate at least 10 queries, including SELECT, CROSSTABS, ACTION, and PARAMETER queries. Run the queries and present the results of running the query. Make sure that you have both single table and multiple table queries. Also show use of aggregate functions in the queries. Exercise the QBE option as well as the SQL option for entering the queries.

Forms/Reports(4pts): Create a main form with a sub-form. The form should have control buttons to execute a query, to open a form, save a form, print a form and run a report. Generate one or two reports from the database.

Project Report(4pts): As a part of your project you should prepare a project report which describes the design of your database system and the assumptions which you have made. Please include the E-R diagram, schema (table names, attribute names, primary keys) and the results of the queries as well as the SQL syntax used for running them.

Project Submittal(4pts): Please provide a hard copy of the project report (including all the elements of the project report) and the database on a floppy. Please do not email it to me unless a zipped copy of the database does not fit on the floppy.

Project Teams: Not more than two people should work on a project. In case of two people working on a project a report from each member highlighting his/her contribution to the project is required.