Minerva Eliot Rich, Ph.D.

Teaching Notes

ClassMy favorite topics to teach are the ones that I find most useful or engaging: Techniques of business problem solving, linking technology with organizations, and those that provide insight into difficult issues. For more information on my iteaching, see my teaching statement.

I am the recipient of the Harold Cannon Memorial Award for Undergraduate Teaching in 2005 and the Dean W. Warren Haynes Graduate Teaching Award in 2009. I am sincerly humbled and grateful for this recognition by my colleagues and students.

In 2012-2013, I will teach the following courses:


ITM601 - Business Systems Analysis: This MBA course teaches the activities and techniques used to analyze requirements, document them, and design a computer system to solve a complex business problem. Much of the student work revolves around a case study, which serves as the background for practice and developing competency in this critical area.

ITM415 - Overview of object-oriented design and development techniques. Students will gain exposure to UML, design approaches, database implementation and other advanced topics.

Visual Paradigm provides University at Albany with VP-UML, SDE-EC, SDE-NB, SDE-IJ, SDE-VS for use in educational purposes, offered by the VP Academic Partner Program.

ITM692 - Java Programming for MBA students. A fast-paced, concept-intensive course.

PAD624 - Simulating Dynamic Systems. The course uses a holistic systems perspective and computer simulation to examine complex business and social problems. See Prof. Richardson's course page for more information.


ITM330 - This is a survey course in the use of IT in business. We discuss all types of applications, from transactions to strategic, with lots of neat stuff in-between.

ITM200 - "Strategic Sustainable Systems" - an Honors College course.

In past years I have taught classes in Systems Thinking, Ethics, Database Design, Programming, and many other technical and non-technical topics.

Textbook information is available at the UAlbany bookstore website. More information on courses is available to students through Blackboard.




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