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The Fellowship on Women & Public Policy is an intensive leadership development program designed to maximize the skills and contributions of women to achieve excellence in public service. Using a balanced and comprehensive approach to leadership development, the Fellowship combines academic instruction and field placement with personal and professional development.

“The Fellows have a strong work ethic, require minimal supervision, are trustworthy, steadfast and have a strong commitment to excellence, enjoy strong interpersonal skills, strong academic credentials. In our opinion, the Center's staff does an outstanding job in vetting its candidates for these fellowships. It is not sheer coincidence that candidates from 2 different years share the same qualities.”

- Blas Ortiz
Community Service Center Manager I, New York State Department of Labor

Benefits of Hosting a Fellow

  • Promote excellence in public service. The fellowship is an extraordinary opportunity for organizations to contribute to preparing a new generation of public policy leaders.
  • Fill the pipelines of women’s leadership. By hosting a fellow, agencies are contributing to promoting balanced and effective leadership.
  • Expand organizational opportunities to better serve the needs of women, children, families, the socially disadvantaged and people of color.
  • Bring fresh, informed perspectives. Fellows introduce different ways of analyzing problems and tackling issues.
  • Recruit new talent. The Fellowship helps attract qualified graduates to the organization, cultivates interest in the agency’s work and helps fill current and future vacancies.
  • Save money. The Fellowship is a cost-effective arrangement made through a simple contracting process. Fellows are highly qualified and the total cost is far less than that of hiring a full-time employee.

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Program Nuts & Bolts

  • Fellows work in their placement organization 30 hours a week, Monday-Thursday, for a six month period from January 13, 2014 through June 26, 2014. Your organization gets the benefit of a full-time staff person with no commitment to the fellow beyond the six month time frame.
    Please Note: All Fellowship placement offices must be located within the Capital Region of New York State.
  • Fellows are highly skilled, graduate and doctoral students who possess a minimum of 3-5 years of prior work experience.
  • Fellows are supported and coached by CWGCS staff throughout their placement; if an issue arises CWGCS helps to resolve it.
  • The Fellowship program is funded through MOU's with placement agencies. The overall cost of hosting a Fellow is significantly less than hiring a staff member.

Cost Sharing Information

CWGCS strongly encourages your organization to explore cost sharing options. For example, if a number of units/divisions at your agency are working on a joint initiative, they can partner on funding a Fellow who would be shared amongst the units and could potentially be responsible for coordinating the initiative. Alternatively, units can split the time of the Fellow (30 hours per week) amongst them and share the cost of supporting the Fellow. There are several models that you can explore and we would be happy to talk further with you about available options.

If you have questions, please contact CWGCS at or by phone at 518.442.3898.