University Senate Executive Committee Meeting

April 26, 2004



Present:          D. Armstrong, H. Charalambous, R. Collier, A. Lyons, C. MacDonald,

G. Moore, J. Pipkin, M. Pryse, J. Ryan, J. Savitt, G. Spitze, T. Turner, L. Videka, D. Wagner, E. Wulfert


Guest:             R. Farrell



Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of February 23, 2004 and March 29, 2004 were approved.


President’s Report:  Presented by Interim President John R. Ryan:


§         Budget – President Ryan reported he is cautiously optimistic that UAlbany will receive considerably more in the capital budget than originally planned.  He will elaborate on the budget in his report to the Faculty this week.


§         Admissions – There is a 1% increase in undergraduate admissions.  The target is 38% for group 1 and UAlbany will meet that goal.  The numbers of international student enrollments have decreased due to changes in visa regulations.  UAlbany is among 53% of national universities that are showing a decline in numbers of international students for the same reason.  The numbers of national doctoral student admissions are up.


§         Bold Vision – President Ryan is concerned about the campaign and would like to see it refocused, strengthened and progressed.


§         Fountain Day -  President Ryan will send out a message to students regarding Fountain Day behavior, he feels that a small percentage of students should not impact future celebrations.  Minimally, in the future, he wants to see a warning go out prior to the event outlining the dangers of the fountain area, i.e., the pipes, slippery surface, etc.  He also mentioned that it was unacceptable for people to have alcoholic beverages at the event and that next year people who obviously had been drinking will not be permitted on to the Podium.


University Faculty Senate Report:  Presented by Senator Richard Collier:


The Assessment Bill was passed at the last SUNY-wide Senate meeting, and although several campuses had voted to reject the latest version, the bill passed 34 to 6.  The FCCC modifications were moved as amendments and they were approved.  These modifications clarify cost issues, make the General Education Assessment Review Group (GEAR) the review body, require GEAR standards of math and writing to be reviewed by campus faculty who teach the courses and postpone the “critical thinking” assessment until it is defined by GEAR with input from each campus.


The Policy on Misconduct in Research:  The SUNY-wide Governance Council will review Chancellor King’s proposal for a Trustees’ policy concerning the need for public disclosure of misconduct cases once affirmative findings are determined with no further on-campus appeal (public disclosure within an open meeting of the campus governance structure).  It would also require the Chancellor’s office be notified within five days of the campus president’s learning of the initial accusation. The Governance Committee hopes to have its work completed by early fall.


Chair’s Report:  Presented by Senate Chair Marjorie Pryse:   Chair Pryse reminded Council Chairs that the end of year council reports are due by June 1, 2004.


CAFE - Professor Donna Armstrong, Chair.  CAFE will present the following bills at the next Senate meeting:


§         Campus Distribution Policy for Newspapers and Other News Periodicals

§         Campus Policy on Freedom of Expression


ULC- Professor Gwendolyn Moore, Chair. 


§         The Muslim Holiday bill will go to EPC for review and approval before the next Senate meeting.

§         A resolution on Pedestrian Issues was introduced and will be presented at the next Senate meeting.


CPCA – Professor Glenna Spitze, Chair.  No report.


EPC – Professor Edelgard Wulfert, Chair.  


§         Three EPC representatives and three SNN representatives have formed a subcommittee to discuss the proposed governance system of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. The Senate Chair and the EPC Chair met with President Ryan and Provost Santiago to learn more about the college, as there has been no written documentation or recommendations.  President Ryan indicated that in the future the Senate would see documentation on the college proposals.


§         Dissolution of the Department of Classics Senate bill:  EPC will be bringing the bill to the next Senate meeting.


GAC - Professor Hara Charalambous, Chair.   GAC will bring one bill to the next Senate meeting:  the Proposal to Establish a Master of Science (M.S.) Program in Applied Chemistry. 


UAC – Professor Joan Savitt, Chair.  UAC is in the final stages of preparing the bill regarding Definitions of Undergraduate Credit, which relates to transfer credits, and will present it at the next Senate meeting.


RES – Professor Lynn Videka, Chair.   RES continues discussion on FRAP programs, continues to work on the Senate charge focusing on the research portfolio of SNN, continues discussion of the indirect cost return formula for the campus and will make a recommendation to the Vice President for Research as it continues to next year’s council.  The Researcher’s Liaison subcommittee headed by Professor John Welch will continue to meet over the summer; it will bring recommendations in the fall.  The IRB Policy subcommittee headed by Professor David Wagner will have a year-end report.  This will be an ongoing subcommittee of the RES council.   


LISC – Professor David Wagner, Chair.  LISC will have Resolution 0304-06R, Affordable Electronic Access to Journals, ready for consideration at the next Senate meeting.  The negotiations with Elsevier have collapsed completely; SUNY is not in a bargaining position at this point.   


CERS – Professor Edelgard Wulfert, Chair.  CERS met twice, it is still reviewing integration of the existing policy framework and the Committee will continue to meet occasionally over the summer.


Governance Committee – Professors Andi Lyons and Carolyn MacDonald. 


§         Council organizational meetings for 2004-05 have been scheduled. 

§         The bill on staff support for councils will not be ready for the next Senate meeting.


New Business:  No new business.



The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Jayne VanDenburgh, Recorder