February 11, 2002

Present: J. Baez, D. Biggs, C. Carr, M. Dalton, C. D'Elia, S. Faerman, M. Fasco, R. Gibson, F. Hauser, A. Hebert, K. Hitchcock, H. Horton, R. Hoyt, S. B. Kim, B. Levine, S. Levine, S. Lubensky, C. MacDonald, D. McCaffrey, G. Newman, C. Pearce, J. Pipkin, J. Place, C. Santiago, L. Schell, R. Toseland, J. Uppal, L. Williams, E. Wulfert

Guests: J. Domaracki, D. May, J. Mumpower

Chair Wulfert called the meeting to order at 3:36 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes
On page 2, the first paragraph, the second sentence should read: "The Provost also noted that approximately 25 percent of the University's operating budget is from State tax dollar appropriations." The third paragraph, the second and third sentences should read: "Eight million dollars of private funding will be required to fund the Life Sciences Building. Further, the University would like to establish $12 million for faculty hiring."

Under Chair's Report, the last paragraph, the second line, change "rational" to "rationale".

There being no further changes, the December 3, 2001, University Senate Minutes were approved as corrected.

2. President's Report
President Hitchcock announced that Dean Highfield is the chair of the Search Committee for a Dean for the School of Information Science and Policy.

The President reported on the progress of Empire Commons. Rooms for undergraduates sold out in two days. There is a national call for this type of housing and for moving back on campus, she said. The community house will be the last building built.

The President reported that the University at Albany's applications are up 7 percent over last year. The candidate pool is as strong if not stronger than last year. Deposits are running ahead of last year. Graduate and transfer applications are ahead of last year at this time. The President urged the faculty to reach out to students interested in graduate programs.

The budget, as currently moving into Legislative part of process, does not include negotiated salary increases, President Hitchcock said. There is a shortfall for utilities. The Chancellor is advocating for revenues. There hasn't been a tuition increase since 1995. Establishing a new, more rational tuition policy may not be possible this year. Students will be consulted about an increase in fees. This will be followed by a review by SUNY System Administration.

The President stated that Provost Santiago has initiated a reallocation process among the Schools and Colleges and Divisions of UAlbany as we address fiscal constraints in a manner in keeping with our Strategic Plan.

President Hitchcock commented on UUP's advocacy on television. She urged Senators to do their own advocacy. She reported on the new $1.6 million endowment obtained by the School of Business in a SUNY competition. East Asian Studies received an endowment from the Freeman Foundation. The Life Sciences Building is progressing. The President then reported on her visits with alumni around the country. They clearly want to reconnect with and support the University.

President Hitchcock stated that the Martin Luther King Luncheon would be held on February 14. Former University at Albany President Swygert will have his presidential portrait unveiled at the luncheon. He will also be presented with the University medallion.

The Jewish Studies Center will be opened officially in April, reported the President.

3. University Faculty Senate Report
Professor Turner reported that the University Faculty Senate met in January in Binghamton. Three items of discussion were: a) discussion on the budget (material is available in Senate Office for review) which included financial benchmark data; a description of budget request; and a summary of the tuition policy. Professor Turner noted that 34 percent of the University's budget is from state support (system wide). Also discussed was a resolution (the real issue is State support) and a presentation from the Chancellor.

4. Chair's Report
Chair Wulfert reported that she has completed an Interim Report for the Senate and it will be on the Senate web site by the end of the week. She thanked the Council Chairs for submitting their reports in a timely fashion.

The Council Chairs have started to review their Council's charges at stated in the Faculty By-Laws. Chair Wulfert noted that the Executive Committee would form a subcommittee to review the Council's changes in their charges and update as necessary.

The Faculty Forum will be held on April 17, from 3-5 p.m. She asked that topic suggestions be submitted to her.

5. Council Reports
a. CPCA: Professor Toseland reported that CPCA would have a meeting on Friday.
b. EPC: Professor McCaffrey reported that EPC would meet on February 22. EPC discussed their role on URPAC and elected Professor Logan as the second EPC representative to URPAC.
c. GAC: Professor MacDonald noted that there is business under New Business.
d. UAC: Professor Dalton reported on Legislation on General Education Assessment. UAC is examining possible modifications of the minor requirement; a track in forensics chemistry; and blueprints on syllabi and requirements for this.
e. RES: There was no report.
f. LISC: Dr. Doellefeld had nothing to report.
g. CAFÉ: Ms. Place had nothing to report.
h. ULC: Dr. Carr reported that the committees are meeting. Recommendations will be developed for discussion.

6. Old Business
There was no Old Business.

7. New Business
a. University Senate Council Membership Changes. Chair Wulfert noted that the Executive Committee would like to withdraw the name of Anton Konev as an undergraduate student on Senate. She noted that the changes for Allen Linken and Joe Baez remain as printed. These two changes were moved, seconded and approved.
b. Senate Bill No. 0102-06: MS in Literacy and Special Education. Professor MacDonald moved the Senate Bill. She noted that there are currently programs in different departments and there are students willing to take this new program. This has been done as a collaborative document. A summary document was provided with the full document available for review in the Senate Office.

The vote was unanimous to approve the Senate Bill.

Professor Pipkin asked for nominations for 2002-03 Senate Chair Elect and Secretary be submitted to him by February 25. Candidates should be Senators who are willing to serve. The position of Secretary is a one-year term and could be renewable. The position of Chair Elect is a 3-year term (Chair Elect, Chair and Past Chair).

8. Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lillian S. Williams