Monday, October 29, 2001
3:30 p.m. Campus Center Assembly Hall


1. Approval of Minutes: October 1, 2001
2. President's Report
3. University Faculty Senate Report John S. Pipkin
Edward C.Turner
4. Chair's Report
5. Council Reports
  a. CPCA Ronald W. Toseland
  b. EPC David P. McCaffrey
  c. GAC Carolyn MacDonald
  d. UAC Mark J. Dalton
  e. RES Bruce C. Dudek
  f. LISC Steven F. Doellefeld
  g. CAFE Judith K. Place
  h. ULC Carson Carr, Jr.
6. Old Business
7. New Business
  a. University Senate Council Membership Changes
Transfer Donald Biggs, Counseling Psychology, from UAC to RES
Transfer William Reese, Emeritus, from UAC to ULC
Add Diva Daims, English, to UAC
Add Donald Hernandez, Sociology, to UAC
Add Christopher Bischoff, graduate student, to EPC and RES
  b. Senate Bill No. 0102-02:  Revision of the Undergraduate "New General Education Program" Implementation Dates for Transfers
8. Adjournment

University Senate University at Albany