Monday, October 13, 2003
3:30 pm -- Standish Room


1. Approval of Minutes  
2. President's Report
3. University Faculty Senate Report  

Chair's Report

Council assignments query
Question about posting of draft minutes
Student senators
Question about absentee senator(s)
Working with Provost on EPC data query

5. Council Reports
  a. ULC Gwendolyn Moore
  b. CPCA Glenna Spitze
  c. EPC Elga Wulfert
  d. GAC Hara Charalambous
  e. UAC

Joan Savitt

Revision of Semester Withdrawal Deadline
Revisions within the General Education Program

  f. RES Lynn Videka
  g. LISC David Wagner
  h. CAFE

Donna Armstrong

Interim recognition of/approval for faculty organization

  i. Bylaws Group (C. MacDonald)

Old Business

Faculty Forum-Wednesday, Oct. 15, noon-2:00 p.m., CC Assembly Hall


New Business

Bylaws Forum-Monday, Oct. 20, 3:30, CC Assembly Hall
Issues arising for forwarding to Senate Councils:
Merger of Depts. Of Biometry & Statistics and Epidemiology
Spring Forum

8. Adjournment
University Senate University at Albany