University at Albany
State University of New York

2003-04 University Senate
Monday, March 1, 2004

1. Approval of Minutes of February 9, 2004

2. Provost’s Report: Carlos Santiago

3. University Faculty Senate Report: Richard Collier

4. Chair’s Report

5. Council Reports

a. CPCA Glenna Spitze
b. EPC Edelgard Wulfert
c. GAC Hara Charalambous
d. UAC Joan Savitt
e. RES Lynn Videka
f. LISC David Wagner
g. CAFE Donna Armstrong
h. ULC Gwendolyn Moore
i. CERS Bruce Dudek

6. Governance Committee Report: Andi Lyons and Carolyn MacDonald

7. Old Business

8. New Business

Bill 0304-11 Revisions of the Undergraduate English Major
Bill 0304-12 Revision of “Oral Discourse” General Education Criteria
Bill 0304-13 ROTC and Applied Elective Credit
Bill 0304-14 Revision of Undergraduate Admissions Policies
Bill 0304-15 Administrative Support for the University Senate