Councils & Committees

(Listed in alphabetical order by Acronym)

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The Executive Committee of the Senate    Joette Stefl-Mabry, Chair

Council on Academic Assessment (CAA)  Deborah Bernnard, Chair

Committee on Academic Freedom, Freedom of Expression, & Community Responsibility (CAFFECoR)   Carol Jewell, Chair  


Committee on Ethics in Research & Scholarship (CERS)   Susanna Fessler, Chair 

Council on Research (COR)  Kajal Lahiri, Chair

Council on Promotions & Continuing Appointments (CPCA)   Sanjay Putrevu, Chair 

Graduate Academic Council (GAC)   Abebe Rorissa, Chair

Governance Council (GOV)    Cynthia Fox, Chair

Council on Libraries, Information Systems, & Computing (LISC)  Boris Goldfarb, Chair

Undergraduate Academic Council (UAC)   Robert Yagelski, Chair 

University Life Council (ULC)  Michael Jaromin, Chair

University Planning and Policy Council (UPPC)  David McCaffrey. Chair