RF Human Resources

Staff Directory

Tracey Williams, Director

Mary Casella, Secretary II

Payroll, Recruitment, and Job Classification(518) 437-4500 (check Department Assignments) 

 Cheryl Yagelski, Human Resources Associate

Robyn Steve, Human Resources Associate

Lauren Staake, Human Resources Associate

Employee Benefits and Leave Administration - (518) 437-4500

Gail Redick, Benefits Administrator

Cheryl Yagelski, Human Resources Associate

Employee Relations - (518) 437-4500

Tracey Williams, Director

International Employee Services - (518) 437-4500

Lauren Staake, Human Resources Associate - Non-Resident Taxation and I-9 Certification

Cheryl Yagelski, Human Resources Associate - Non-Resident Taxation, Visas and I-9 Certification

Time and Attendance, Leave Accruals, Employment Verifications, Direct Deposit and other Self-Service Questions

Michael Black, Payroll Specialist (518) 437-4505

Veronica Frazier, Payroll Specialist (518) 437-4501

Pamela Marrone-Coons, Payroll Specialist (518) 437-4503


The Research Foundation is an employer separate and distinct from SUNY and the State of New York, thereby offering separate and distinct compensation and benefits.  Please contact the RF HR Office with any questions pertaining to Research Foundation employment policies and procedures.