A Tradition of Engagement:

A Message from President George Philip


As an alumnus of UAlbany ('69,'73) and President, I am enormously proud of UAlbany's tradition of service and the dedicated faculty, students and staff who are at work every day making meaningful contributions to the world around us. They are driven by their passion for knowledge and applying that knowledge to help improve lives.

Since UAlbany's origins as a state normal school in 1844, our historic role of public service has mushroomed into a multiplicity of initiatives in fields as diverse as nanotechnology, public policy, business, and social welfare.

It is not surprising that the range and scale of programs and activities is linked to the dramatic changes in the needs of the state, nation, and world.  Located in the Capital City of New York, one of the most influential states in the nation, UAlbany is strategically positioned to partner with government, business and communities of all types. Our plentiful partnerships support and energize the University's mission of research, teaching and service.

This engagement means that UAlbany research scientists are working with industry and government partners to generate the knowledge and technological breakthroughs that drive the innovation economy for New York State. It means partnerships to improve lives--whether through research that leads to a cure for cancer or community-focused initiatives that support the aging, strengthen our schools, prevent HIV, and eliminate minority health disparities. UAlbany's engagement also means hundreds of student interns and volunteers performing important tasks every year that help government agencies, non-profit groups and businesses better serve the needs of New Yorkers.

Since 1844, UAlbany's door remains wide open to new ideas and innovative partnerships that will help improve the community and the world in which we live.

UAlbany-Community Connections Website

This website has been created as a gateway to explore the work our faculty, staff and students do relevant to your areas of interest as well as to help you make useful connections. It will also keep you informed of how your public research university is responding to the needs of citizens today and anticipating the challenges of the future, from local to global.

Community involvement is a valued part of our identity