Janine Jurkowski

Studies screening practices and chronic disease prevention among Latinos, women and people with disabilities

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Janine Jurkowski

Associate Professor
School of Public Health
Department: Health Policy, Management and Behavior

Minority health disparities; women's health

Campus phone: (518) 402-0420
Campus email: jjurkowski@albany.edu


Dr. Jurkowski's research focuses on social and cultural factors' influence health care utilization among Latinas, migrant seasonal farmworker health, and evaluation of a stroke awareness media campaigns. She uses both quantitative and qualitative and community-based research methods to study the factors that contribute to disparities in health and health care among minority populations.

Jurkowski's current projects include examining health disparities through a community-based participatory research approach. She has expertise in cross cultural survey methods and qualitative methods including focus group and Photovoice methodology.

She focuses on social and cultural determinants of chronic disease related health behaviors and health care utilization. Dr. Jurkowski focus on women’s health, specifically with low-income women with families, Latinos, and people with disabilities.

Dr. Jurkowski has worked with community partners in the Amsterdam Latino community, Chicago, and Troy, NY. Recently, she completed an NIH R24 grant that employed a Community-Based Participatory Research approach to understand and address childhood obesity among low income families, specifically families with a child in Head Start or Early Head Start in Rensselaer County.This project, Communities for Healthy Living, CHL, successfully implemented a multi component childhood obesity intervention that improved children’s BMI and maronutrients and also improved parents knowledge and empowerment related to childhood obesity.

Dr. Jurkowski continues to partner with low-income parents and the Commission on Economic Opportunities (CEO) of the Capital District, which houses all the Early Head Start and Head Start programs in Rensselaer County. Head Start parents, CEO staff, and community representatives are actively involved in Dr. Jurkowski’s research processes.