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Hayward  Horton

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Sociology
Department: Health Policy, Management and Behavior

Demography; race and ethnicity; rural sociology

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Hayward Horton has published more than 30 articles on topics such as the demography of rural black families, differences in black-white levels of homeownership, population change, and the employment status of college-educated blacks. Horton is the a co-editor of Skin Deep: How Race and Complexion Matter in the "Color-Blind" Era (Inst. Research on Race and Public Policy, 2003). He has held leadership positions in the American Sociological Association and the Southern Sociological Society, and is past president of the Association of Black Sociologists. Horton has worked with grassroots community groups on drug addiction, alcohol abuse, homelessness, and illiteracy. A native of Norfolk, VA, he holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Norfolk State University, and a master's and doctorate from Pennsylvania State University.