Faculty Experts

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        Elise Andaya

Elise Andaya
College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor
Department: Anthropology

Expert in the following: Cuba and political/economic changes; reproductive health; reproductive technologies; cross-cultural ideas of family; gender; sexuality
Campus phone: (518) 442-4224
Campus email: eandaya@albany.edu

        Mary Applegate

Mary Applegate
School of Public Health
Associate Dean
Department: Health Policy, Management and Behavior

Expert in the following: Reproductive health; family planning; adolescent pregnancy; sexuality; maternal and child health; breastfeeding promotion; preventive medicine; public health
Campus phone: (518) 402-0283
Campus email: mapplegate@albany.edu

        Gordon G. Gallup, Jr.

Gordon G. Gallup, Jr.
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Psychology

Expert in the following: Evolution and behavior; human reproductive competition; biology of interpersonal attraction; semen chemistry and behavior; brain evolution; voice attractiveness; body morphology and behavior; yawning; grip strength; kissing; paternal assurance tactics
Campus phone: (518) 442-4852
Campus email: ggallup@albany.edu

        Arlene Istar Lev

Arlene Istar Lev
School of Social Welfare
Department: Social Welfare

Expert in the following: Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people; transsexuality; gender; marriage and family issues; parenting; adoption; youth
Campus phone: (518) 463-9152
Campus email: alev@albany.edu

        Carol Stenger

Carol Stenger
University at Albany
Department: Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence

Expert in the following: Sexuality; sexual health; sex education; European approaches to sex education; AIDS/HIV; sexually transmitted diseases and infections; adolescent sexuality; Internet pornography
Campus phone: (518) 442-2273
Campus email: cstenger@albany.edu

        Edelgard Wulfert

Edelgard Wulfert
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Office of the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Expert in the following: Psychology; gambling; substance abuse; sexual risk behaviors; addiction
Campus phone: (518) 442-4654
Campus email: ewulfert@albany.edu