Faculty Experts

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        Rachel Cohon

Rachel Cohon
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Philosophy

Expert in the following: David Hume; virtue ethics; moral philosophy; reasons for action
Campus phone: (518) 442-4144
Campus email: rcohon@albany.edu

        Diane Dewar

Diane Dewar
School of Public Health
Associate Professor
Department: Health Policy, Management and Behavior

Expert in the following: Health economics; medical technology; aging; end-of-life care; palliative care; health policy
Campus phone: (518) 402-0370
Campus email: ddewar@albany.edu

        Paul Miesing

Paul Miesing
School of Business
Associate Professor
Department: Management

Expert in the following: Strategic management; executive leadership; corporate boards and governance; organizational learning and transformation; technology transfer; international business and globalization; cross-culture management and organization; corporate social responsibility and business ethics
Campus phone: (518) 956-8348
Campus email: pmiesing@albany.edu