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Student Mail Services: Moving

Moving Off Campus

If you are moving off campus, or are permanently leaving the University you need to inform Mail Services of your address where mail can be forwarded.  Please comeplete this online form: Change of Address Form

If you are planning on being a residential summer student please do not submit a change of address form until you leave campus.

Upon receipt of the notification, first-class (letter) mail and periodical class mail will be forwarded by Mail Services to your new address for 6 months. It is advised that you notify your correspondents of your new address as soon as possible to avoid the delays associated with forwarding your mail.

The U.S. Postal Service will not forward Standard, Non-Profit mail, such as catalogs and newsletters and mail from non-profit organizations. If you want to remain on their mailing lists, you will need to notify them of your new address.

At this time, Mail Services does not share its change-of-address database with other offices.  It is recommended that you also contact offices such as Student Accounts and the Registrar to notify them of your new address, as well as keeping your address updated on MyUAlbany.