Core Fee Letter

College of Arts and Sciences
Office of the Dean

December 15, 2008

Dear Life Sciences PI,

This communication is intended for current users of Life Sciences core facilities. From the time the LS building first became operational we have been attempting to develop a fair and equitable arrangement for a system of “charge-backs” for use of instrumentation and services in the building. This is standard operating procedure in most, if not all, academic research facilities. In fact, more than a year ago Dr. Millis, Scientific Director for the Life Sciences, and Chris Olsen, Director of CAS Technical Services, had an open meeting of Principal Investigators to discuss this issue. A suggestion, at that time, was that rather than charge for each use of an instrument a general user fee would be more manageable for the Principal Investigators and core managers. We are ready to institute a user fee program beginning in 2009.

The approval of the Research Office and the campus auditor is needed to institute any fee to ensure that the fee is reasonable and justified. This review has taken place, and we have received approval for the following fee structure:

As of July 1, 2009 each lab group that utilizes core facilities will be expected to pay a Life Sciences Core fee of $2500 per year. If there are multiple funded PI’s in a lab group, then each PI will be expected to pay the core fee. The fee covers the work of employees, students and fellows in the group. Graduate students or postdoctoral fellows who have received an extramural fellowship will not be expected to pay a separate core fee but will be covered by the PI of the group. As noted, the campus auditors have approved this rate, and have in fact indicated that their accounting would support a much higher fee than that being instituted at this time. Depending on circumstances, the core fee will be re-evaluated periodically.

All lab groups who use the Life Sciences cores will be expected to pay the fee, whether they are housed in the Life Sciences or in one of the other science facilities on campus. In addition, all grant applications submitted after January 1, 2009 will be expected to include these costs whether as a line item or as part of an equipment and supplies module.

Although the use of most of the core equipment is included in this fee, the following facilities and services are not covered and will be billed separately:

Animal Care per diems
DNA sequencing
NMR X-Ray Crystallography
Technician Services

As additional equipment is purchased, a determination will be made about whether its usage will be included in the basic core fee, or if it will be charged for on an individual basis.

Chris Olsen and the CAS Technical Services group will be responsible for handling the accounting for the core fees, as they are for handling other fiscal matters. We are currently developing an online application for use of the Life Sciences Core facilities. This application will be available at the Life Sciences website together with FAQs about the core fees. Previously published policies that govern eligibility for use of the cores and training requirements for use of the core equipment will also be posted. You will receive notice when this website has been activated.

It is our sincere hope that instituting these core fees will enable us to maintain the high quality of our cores for many years to come. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please feel free to contact Chris Olsen with questions about this matter.



Albert Millis
Life Sciences Scientific Director


Edelgard Wulfert
Dean and Professor of Psychology
Collins Fellow