Life Sciences Discovery through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

University at Albany scientists are advancing knowledge across a broad spectrum of research in the life sciences with special emphasis on cutting edge investigation into the structure and function of biologically active molecules.

Scientific research is coalesced around core interests in RNA science and technology, neuroscience, microbiology, molecular evolution of disease and molecular and cell biology. Founded on the philosophy that scientific discovery is a multidisciplinary, collaborative and highly interactive enterprise, the Life Science Research Initiative is based on a dynamic approach to scientific discovery and education. Discovery occurs at the frontiers and intersections of science and Life Sciences faculty provide a critical focus for collaborative discovery across traditional departments as well as with other University at Albany and regional scientists. The Life Sciences Building houses these activities as well as the RNA Institute.

8th Annual Life Sciences Research Symposium - November 4th 2016

Awards for Best Oral Presentations (Sponsored by Krackeler)

  • Jennifer Lin (Forni)
  • Claire Muro (Lednev)
  • Maitreyi Upadhyay (Rangan)
  • Anana Naik (Forni)

Special Awards for Oral Presentation (sponsored by Sinauer and Krackeler)
  • Kelsey Fleming (Scimemi) Sinauer
  • Phensinee Haruehanroengra (Sheng) Sinauer
  • Danielle Kelley (Belfort) Sinauer
  • Rachel Cary (Pager) Krackeler

Best Posters (Sponsored by Krackeler)
  • Pooja Flora (Rangan)
  • Matthew Koslow (Larsen)
  • De Modhurik (Scimemei)