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IELP Spring, Summer and Fall sessions are designed for students who wish to improve their English in order to study at an American university and also for those who need to use fluent English in their professional lives.

Dates listed below are for new students. Intakes occur 5 times per year in Fall, Spring, and Summer in 8-week sessions. 

8 Week Session Dates


Comprehensive academic language preparation gives students skills, contacts, and experiences which help them enter their university of choice. Classes are communicative, integrating all language skills, and are taught at all levels, from high-beginning to advanced. There are 20 instructional hours per week, supplemented by homework assignments. Cultural activities and speakers are added to expand each student's ability to use English in a variety of situations.

Students may also start the IELP at the beginning of a four-week session.

  Spring A
Spring B
Fall A
Fall B
4-week 1
Session Dates
January 19 -
February 13
March 21 -
April 14
May 30 -
June 23
August 23 –
September 21
October 19–
November 15
4-week 2
Session Dates
February 13 -
March 13
April 14 -
May 12
June 23 -
July 24
September 21 –
October 18
November 15–
December 18

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