The Office of Environmental Sustainability

The Office of Environmental Sustainability implements and coordinates all campus activities related to responsible environmental programs, including recycling, education, communication, procurement and policies.

  • Sustainability Speaker Series

    Join the US Green Building Council as they host "Health Oriented Design" by Baani Singh on Dec 8th from 5:30-7pm in BB217. UAlbany students and staff are FREE!


  • Unity Dinner

    Join the Interfaith Center on Dec 9th at 5pm in the Campus Center Ballroom. The evening will be filled with cultural expression, foods from around the world, performances, and more!

  • Sustainability Office Open House

    Want to get involved with the Green Scene? Come join us on Thursday, December 10th between 11-2pm in BA349. There will be food and therapy dogs!

  • Green Workspace Challenge

    Think your UAlbany office is green? Earn an eco-certification by enrolling in the Green Workspace Challenge!

  • UAlbany Bike Share

    Are you an undergraduate living on campus? Sign out a bike for FREE in the Wellness Centers of Indian, Colonial, and Alumni Quads. Learn more here or ask the wellness assistants!

  • Zipcar on Campus!

    Reserve, unlock, and go with Zipcar, our car sharing service! Student organization leaders can now sign-up for free!

  • Dr. Mathias Vuille

    Dr. Mathias Vuille in DAES continually supports engagement activities and participates in faculty forums on sustainability. He researches glacier retreat in the Andes. Dr. Vuille brings valuable insight in virtual field trip presentations during sustainability week and to freshmen seminar classes that allows students to be transported to the Andes and see firsthand the effects of climate change.

  • Donna Crisafulli

    Donna Crisafulli is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Center. This fall, she worked closely with the Office of Environmental Sustainability to host a three part "Faith and the Environment Series". The collaboration was a great success, convening two active communities to help see how their beliefs overlap and how they can work together in the future.

  • Nicholle Gregor

    Nikki Gregor's role in the sustainability movement at UAlbany has grown exponentially in the past few years, from student group member to now the President of the USS, Community Chair on the Sustainability Council, and Community Assistant for the Sustainability LLC. Nikki has spent the last two and a half years planning trips to local schools where she uses her creative side to illustrate the basics of sustainability.

  • UAlbany Signed the American Campuses Act on Climate Pledge

    UAlbany has signed on to participated in a White House-led initiative that highlights higher education's role in change change awareness and finding solutions. UAlbany has committed to innovative climate change research, education, and implementation of sustainable and resilient practices.

  • Renewable Energy Expert Receives Solar Society's Highest Award

    UAlbany Atmospheric Scientist Richard Perez has been selected to receive the Farrington Daniels Award by the International Solar Energy Society. Perez has produced more than 200 publications and holds two U.S. patents on energy storage and load management.

  • The Effects of BPA on Neural Development

  • The UAlbany RNA Institute has partnered with Rensselaer-based Athghin Biotechnology, Inc. and the Neural Stem Cell Institute to study the effects of bis-phenol A (BPA), used in many plastic products, on neural development. Although NY has banned the use of BPA in baby products, it is still used in many other plastics.