University at Albany

Student Sustainability Council

The Office of Environmental Sustainability welcomes student participation and leadership and invites those interested in helping to implement our program to join the Student Sustainability Council.

The council is made up of selected chairs, appointed Res Life representatives and delegates from the Student Association, GSA and UAlbany Students for Sustainability.

The appointed chairs of the 2013-2014 academic year are:



Administrative Chair

The Chairman oversees the week-to-week functions of the Council and the liaison for key groups on campus including: USS, SA and SA Senate.  Responsibilities include: setting the agenda, maintaining attendance and taking the minutes for all council meetings; attending the student group meetings and conducting sustainability trainings, keeping track of attendance at sustainability events and attending SA Senate meetings to inform them of sustainability programming and initiatives. The administrative chair advises the Office of Environmental Sustainability on the organization of the Council and selection of Chairs. The Administrative Chair must be able to attend council, student group and SA Senate meetings. The Administrative chair may also be asked to participate in committees working on university strategic planning initiatives of the office and conduct outreach with staff and faculty.

Cameron Sagan

Recruitment Chairs

Recruitment Chairs are responsible for holding general interest meetings and participating at major events to create interest and obtain new members.  The chairs work closely with the Secretary of the USS group to help maintain the membership lists, monitor attendance and take minutes at the student group meetings as well as work closely with the Administrative Chair to track attendance at sustainability events.  The Recruiting Chairs work closely with the Sustainability Houses and LLCs to plan and conduct programming in those halls in conjunction with the Resident Assistants, World Ambassadors and Community Assistant. 

Zach Signor; Sean Taylor

Recycling Chairs

Recycling Chairs focus on promoting recycling and reuse, with programs such as America Recycles Day and RecycleMania. These positions are for individuals who do not mind getting their hands dirty and have an interest in recycling, reducing, and reuse as a way to pursue sustainability on campus. The Recycling Chairs are responsible for overseeing and serving as team captains for the recycling collections at home football and basketball games, setting up activities for America Recycles Day during Sustainability Week, and establishing activities for Recyclemania.  The Recycling Chairs run the events during Recyclemania and/or develop a committee within the student group to assist in the supervision and implementation of planned activities.  The Recycling Chairs will also assist in the management of any waste audits conducted by the council or USS student group.  

Nia Sanders; Ting Zhao

Energy Chair

The Energy Chair will focus on energy and electricity reduction with programs such as the Energy Campaign and CFL distribution. These individuals who do not mind interacting and educating campus members in both the dorms and offices and have an interest in energy and electricity reduction as a way to pursue sustainability on campus. The Energy Chair(s) will conduct room audits during the academic year report findings to the Office of Environmental Sustainability, set up activities for Energy Day during Sustainability Week and assist in the promotion of the Empire Commons and Freedom Apartment contests in the spring.  The Chair(s) will also work directly with the University Energy Officer on projects.  It is best if the Energy Chair(s) live on campus.

Amanada Colley

Alternative Transportation Chair

The Alternative Transportation Chair promotes programs such as the Bike Share Initiative, the Car Share program, the Car Pool service and use of Mass Transit.  The Chairs engage in at least two activities each semester by either tabling, hosting an event, creating dorm programming or meeting with student groups to raise awareness and participation in these services.  In addition, the chairs are also responsible for arranging activities for Alternative Transportation day during Sustainability Week. The Chairs communicate their activities with the Director of Parking and Mass Transit and will construct effective outreach to commuter students.

Cassidy Drasser

Grounds Chairs

The Grounds Chairs will interact with the Head of Grounds to support campus clean up, beautification and special landscaping projects.  The chairs will organize and/or coordinate one event each semester which may include: helping to recruit students to participate in Campus Clean Up day in the spring, identify and implement a beautification project and assist in the management of volunteers for campus gardening efforts.   The chairs are also responsible for organizing activities for Environmental Awareness Day during Sustainability Week.

Lisa Cassidy; Jason DuMond

Intercollegiate Chairs

The Intercollegiate Chairs are the point people between UAlbany and other colleges and universities.  The main responsibility of the chairs is to oversee the Capital District Student Sustainability Conference.  In addition, the chairs will monitor activities and opportunities for student involvement in intercollegiate efforts and organize student participation.  These include joint attendance at rallies and student summits such as Power Shift, the Green Umbrella, AASHE, the Hudson Valley Consortium of Colleges and Universities, the NYS Green Building Council and NYSAR3. 

Dylan Card; Jess Ranni

Community Chairs

The Community Chairs are responsible for coordinating student involvement in at least two outreach programs in the Albany area per semester. This could may include: visits to local schools; tabling at area events; participating in clean up activities. In addition, the Community Chairs will conduct outreach to other campus organizations such as the Greeks, ASDAC, community service groups, Net Impact and other environmentally-related groups on campus to include them in sustainability-related events. The Community Chairs work closely with Student Involvement staff to reach out to group and organize participation. 

Nichole Gregor; Mike Antidormi

Public Relations Chair

The Public Relations Chair works with the Environmental Sustainability Office to maintain internal and external communications. The Chair serves as the liaison to the ASP, WCDB, UAlbany TV and other on campus media outlets.  The Chair contributes articles for the sustainability bulletin and blog site, as well as pictures and posts for Facebook page and Twitter feeds. The Public Relations Chair is responsible for working with other committees to help publicize their events. The chair also assists the Administrative and Recruiting Chairs to track attendance at sustainability events.

Dave Rozins

Promotions Chair

The Promotions Chair oversees the promotion of events to increase attendance. This will include setting up incentives for events, such as raffles or giveaways and reaching out to student groups and residence halls to promote these events. In addition, the Promotions Chair helps obtain sponsorship and/or donations from UAS and local vendors for sustainability events. The chair utilizes social media and other vehicles to increase awareness, with the assistance Office of Environmental Sustainability to coordinate promotions. The chair also assists the Administrative and Recruiting Chairs to track attendance at sustainability events.

Tom McCarthy