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The Office of Environmental Sustainability and Residential Life have teamed up to provide the UAlbany campus with a bike share program. Started in 2009, the program has grown to have over 30 bikes that can be signed out by students for free! The bikes can be found at the Wellness Centers on Alumni, Colonial and Indian Quads.

After signing an annual insurance waiver, all you need is your SUNY Card and you can sign out a bike. Fill out the information in the bike log and you're good to go! You can use the bike until the wellness center closes on the day you signed it out, by when it must be returned to the quad where it was signed out. The bikes can be used on and off campus.

  1. Rental is free of charge.
  2. Bikes cannot be reserved for a set time. Bikes are signed out on a first come, first served basis.
  3. User indemnifies the university and agrees to replacement costs in the case of loss.
  4. User agrees to use bicycle responsibly, according to all applicable laws.

Signing out a bike: Students interested in signing out a bike can go to the Wellness Centers at Indian, Colonial, and Alumni Quads.. Students must show their ID and give their information that is listed on the Log-In Sheet. Once information is completely taken, the student is given a key to the bike lock, and a helmet.  The student is obligated to take the helmet but cannot be mandated to wear it. Therefore, the student must initial next to the line on the waiver to indicate that they did not rent the helmet.
Waiver: Students must sign the waiver form that is agreeing to the terms of the program. By signing the waiver form, students are accepting accountability for participating in the program. Only one waiver needs to be signed for the entire year. 
Damages: Students can be held responsible for major damages to bikes.  If a student notices damage prior to using the bike, they should notify the Wellness Assistant immediately.  See below for categorizations of damages.
Minor Damages include flat tires, brake adjustments, and derailleur adjustments (normal wear and tear).
Major Damages include (but are not limited to) misalignment of the wheel, broken bike frame, and bent or broken shifters. 
Late Policy: Students are required to return the bike to the Wellness Center by 9pm that day. If the student fails to return the bike by 9pm, Bike Share privileges will be suspended for one week. For a second offence, Bike Share privileges will be suspended for the semester.
Missing Bikes, Helmets, and Locks- If a bike is missing for a week, the student will be contacted and charged a $50 fee. If a bike is not returned by a student within two weeks, the student will be sent another notice and will be charged for the remaining cost of the bike. If a student does not return the helmet, lock or lock key, they will be responsible for their replacement costs (Locks-$20, Helmets-$25).

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