The Office of Environmental Sustainability

The Office of Environmental Sustainability implements and coordinates all campus activities related to responsible environmental programs, including recycling, education, communication, procurement and policies.

  • Energy Campaign

    The 9th Annual Fall Energy Campaign is in full swing. Every two weeks, snap a picture of you or your office conserving energy and #UAlbanyEnergy to be entered to win a free breakfast. Learn more about the Fall Energy Campaign. Click here for actions to take to help save energy, and here for even more tips to help your office conserve.


  • National Kale Day

    Join us in the Campus Center on Wednesday, October 7th from 12-2pm. Taste the kale grown in our Heritage Garden, learn about the health benefits, and grab some recipes of this superfood!


  • Faith and the Environment Series

    Following Pope Francis' encyclical, the Interfaith Center and the Office of Environmental Sustainability have partnered to host a series of events to showcase local faith and spiritual leaders and their stories on the relationship between people, communities, and the environment. Listen here to the first event.

  • Green Workspace Challenge

    Think your UAlbany office is green? Earn an eco-certification by enrolling in the Green Workspace Challenge!

  • UAlbany Bike Share

    Are you an undergraduate living on campus? Sign out a bike for FREE in the Wellness Centers of Indian, Colonial, and Alumni Quads. Learn more here or ask the wellness assistants!

  • Zipcar on Campus!

    Reserve, unlock, and go with Zipcar, our car sharing service! Student organization leaders can now sign-up for free!

  • Dr. Kendra Smith-Howard

    Faculty Member Dr. Smith-Howard has been instrumental in the sustainability movement on campus. She was part of the Sustainability Task Force, working group to develop a minor and the creation of the Sustainability Roundtable.

  • Mary McCarthy

    Staff Member Mary McCarthy established the Trashion Fashion show in Spring 2014 and continued its success in 2015. She was a key leader in the event and helped recruit and raise awareness to students.

  • Krista Bentson and Tom Wolcott

    Graduate students Krista and Tom developed a website, the Green Biz Toolkit that codifies and explains sustainability programs, grants and funding for businesses. Their website is now being promoted statewide.

  • Nadia Rodriguez

    Undergraduate Nadia spearheaded the recycling bin project in the University Library. She conducted regular audits and as a result more bins will be added to the Library.

  • James Rath

    Undergraduate James is the Bike Share Representative for Indian Quad and is responsible for the success, maintenance and documentation of the bike share on campus.

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  • UAlbany Uses Drones to Research Vegetation Change and Severe Weather

    UAlbany Assistant Professor of Geography and Planning, Alexander Buyantuev, is using drones to research the effects of climate change, urbanization, and wind farms on vegetation and study severe weather events.

  • Renewable Energy Expert Receives Solar Society's Highest Award

    UAlbany Atmospheric Scientist Richard Perez has been selected to receive the Farrington Daniels Award by the International Solar Energy Society. Perez has produced more than 200 publications and holds two U.S. patents on energy storage and load management.

  • The Effects of BPA on Neural Development

  • The UAlbany RNA Institute has partnered with Rensselaer-based Athghin Biotechnology, Inc. and the Neural Stem Cell Institute to study the effects of bis-phenol A (BPA), used in many plastic products, on neural development. Although NY has banned the use of BPA in baby products, it is still used in many other plastics.