Jianwei Zhang


PhD, Associate Professor

PHONE : (518) 442-4007
EMAIL: jzhang1@albany.edu

Please view my Research Lab: http://tccl.rit.albany.edu/

Dr. JianWeiZhang


Dr. Jianwei Zhang is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice at the University at Albany, State University of New York. His research explores technology-enabled learning designs to engage students in sustained, creative knowledge work across content areas and school years in order to prepare them for 21st century careers. He has conducted research in both North America and China, funded by agencies such as NSF and the Ministry of Education of China. His work demonstrates new possibilities of transforming classrooms into creative communities that engage in dynamic collaboration for sustained idea advancement, supported by new roles of teachers. A set of new research and assessment tools has been developed to examine collaborative knowledge building online. Dr. Zhang has published widely in both English and Chinese (e.g. Journal of the Learning Sciences, ETR&D) and received a number of awards, including two outstanding article awards from ETR&D. He serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of the Learning Sciences and a board member for several other leading journals.

Dr. Zhang earned his doctorate (educational psychology) from Beijing Normal University. Prior to coming to Albany, he had been a postdoctoral fellow at OISE/University of Toronto and a faculty member at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

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Selected Publications

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