Student Organizations


How to Become A Partner (Certified to take RSSW students) 
Student organizations wishing to allow their students to register for the RSSW courses must complete the following forms and submit them to CPSP. When these forms are submitted to the CPSP, an appointment with the Director, Sheri Stevens is scheduled. The eboard member(s) that meets with the director will discuss the community service that their organization has planned for the current semester. The service plans should allow enough hours of community service to provide 60 or 100 hours to each of their RSSW students. The Certificate of Good Standing is required each Fall semester. The meeting with the Director is required each semester.

Certificate of Good Standing
This form is completed by a member of the organization's eboard, then brought to the Student Involvement office to obtain either Michael Jaromin or Elizabeth Conrad's signature. This certificate verifies to the CPSP that the student organization applying for partnership is in good standing with the University. A new certificate of good standing needs to be submitted to the CPSP office at the beginning of each Fall semester. (Hover over "Certificate of Good Standing" to access, download and print or stop into SS112 to pick up.)

New Organization Application
This form is only required once. It is kept on file in the CPSP office. (or hover over "New Organization Application" to access, download and print or stop into SS112 to pick up)

CPSP is Here to Offer Student Organization Supervisors Support

CPSP will gladly generate a list of your students that have registered with your organization for a given semester. The request for this list can be made by an eboard member. The list provides the students' names, email address, course they are registered for (either RSSW290/291/390) and will have a blank column for each assignment that the supervisor will need to be involved with. This list takes a little time to generate, so it may help to make the request for this list via email.