University at Albany

Albany School Improvement Grant Program Evaluation

The School Improvement Grant was awarded to the City School District of Albany to support school-based programs aimed at improving academic outcomes and increasing student engagement at Albany High School and William S. Hackett Middle School. CHSR has been engaged to evaluate the impact of selected programs on multiple measures of student performance.  

Evaluation and Research

CHSR serves as the evaluation team for the School Improvement Grant initiative. The evaluation of SIG will consist of a process and outcome study. The process study will focus on examining program practices including how programs operate, who is served, what services are provided, and barriers to implementation. The outcome evaluation will examine if programs are meeting the desired goals and measureable outcomes. The evaluation will analyze data from records maintained by SIG-supported programs and from data entered into Power School and the Violent and Disruptive Incident Report (VADIR) database. These data will address questions related to characteristics of participating students such as demographics, grades, scores on assessments, student behavior, and the frequency, intensity, and duration of program participation. Other data strategies that may be used include teacher surveys, parent surveys and student surveys. To minimize the data collection burden on the district, CHSR will also analyze ongoing district surveys (lottery survey, YRBS, etc.) to inform program development and measure program effects. As the programs continue into the 2013-14 school year, CHSR will provide ongoing data support, assisting program administrators in defining concrete goals and collecting appropriate program measures.

Contact: Dr. Sandra McGinnis