University at Albany

Chemung County School Readiness Project

CHSR is conducting an evaluation of the Chemung County School Readiness Project (SRP), a grass-roots community collaborative aimed at improving children’s overall well-being and readiness for school.

Evaluation & Research

The SRP completed 5 years of operation in 2011. Working with the project steering committee and council, CHSR is conducting an evaluation that measures overall system effectiveness and explores differential impacts of specific services on specific populations of children and families. Data analyses focus on comparing the 2007-08 (baseline) and 2011-12 (post intervention) kindergarten classes on comprehensive measures of school readiness. Measures are collected during the school registration process and include the following:

  • Teacher Child Ratings System (TCRS)
  • Child Observation Record (COR)
  • Parent Assessment of Child Experiences (PACE)

Available parent and provider survey data is also being analyzed to explore multiple dimensions of system efficacy. To measure the impact of early childhood services offered through the Chemung County SRP, data collection and analysis protocols are as consistent as possible across time.