Virtually anything we touch or see in the world today...

is the product of engineering. Engineers are the professional innovators who couple science to the economy, positively affecting people’s lives; this is why we view engineering as science in service to society.

We are building a fully-featured college of engineering and applied sciences in which we inspire and educate a new generation of innovators as they prepare for exciting careers in the computing, information, and engineering sciences.

Embrace your opportunity to learn and grow in a comprehensive research university setting among a diverse community of scholars. Feel free to browse our departments, reach out to any faculty member, and explore your engineering opportunity with us!

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  • The new state budget will benefit renovation of the Schuyler Building as the new home of CEAS.

    State Budget Gives CEAS a Boost

    As CEAS prepares to welcome a much larger than projected incoming class of computer and engineering students this fall, State funding bolsters the college's forward momentum. "It is an incredibly exciting time to be a Great Dane... Engineer," said Dean Kim Boyer. Read more here.

  • Assistant Professor Weifu Wang and other CEAS faculty and staff built speakers at a workshop led by Professor Betty Lise Anderson. Photo credit: Daphne Jorgensen

    Engineering Enthusiasm

    Betty Lise Anderson of The Ohio State University and a team of College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) faculty brought a hands-on engineering project to students at Hackett Middle School recently. 

  • Dean Kim Boyer

    $4 Million Gift to Further Catalyze UAlbany’s New Engineering Program 

    The University at Albany’s new College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) has received an anonymous gift of $4 million to support students, faculty, academic programs and other core priorities. 

  • Walter Robb, Ph.D.

    Letter: Engineering will lift up UAlbany 

    In a letter to the editor (Times Union), Walter Robb, former Senior VP of GE’s global research division, strongly urges Governor Cuomo and the state Legislature to invest in UAlbany's engineering college. Read more here. (Photo credit: Paul Buckowski/Times Union. Used with permission.)

  • Computer Engineering

    UAlbany Expects Record Number of Applications for 2017 

    Computer Science and Computer Engineering are among the majors pulling in a record number of applications for 2017 at UAlbany. Read more here.

  • Stuti Misra

    Chancellor’s Award: Stuti Misra

    Internships, memberships create strong network for a future in computers.

  • UMB wireless radio UAlbany CTG

    Keeping on Schedule

    CTG and CEAS ask, ‘could radio technology improve transportation?’

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The New Faces of Engineering at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences - 2016-17

Meet our fourteen newest faculty members : experts in their field who hail from prestigious institutions like University of Michigan, Purdue, Texas A&M, and others.

Globally Connected

Jonathan Muckell pointing on the globe where he will spend twelve weeks in Spring 2017 teaching computer science in China.

Jonathan Muckell is the first CEAS faculty member to teach computer science in a dual degree program with the Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications in China. As he prepared for his trip, his grandmother's story came back to him. Read more here.

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