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The College of Arts and Sciences is a diverse community of exceptional scholars working together toward the common goal of excellence in the pursuit of knowledge, both for its own sake and in service to society.

The College is the University’s largest academic unit and provides the liberal arts foundation for a UAlbany education. In our programs, students explore big ideas and timely, important problems; unleash their creativity and develop their aesthetic sensibility; investigate and analyze the natural world; and develop the flexible intellect required to be engaged local and global citizens.

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    The Future Perfect exhibition, on display at the University Art Museum through the fall semester, shakes things up.
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    A Healthy Guarantee

    RNA-based therapeutics offer new and very exciting approaches to health, but how to discern whether or not a discovery is on the right track to development and manufacture is new territory as well.
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    Dark Search in the Black Hills

    How does a 20-month string of missed shots become a victory? When it teaches you where not to aim.

    This was the conclusion reached by the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) dark-matter experiment, conducted beneath a mile of rock in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
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    Bright Forecast

    Why would almost a dozen high school students hang tiny objects in trees on a hot summer’s day?

    The answer: they are science enthusiasts who were drawn to UAlbany’s weeklong Weather Camp, hosted by the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences.
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    Humans Pack an Efficient Bite, but at a Cost

    New research led by a UAlbany grad demonstrates that early humans stored and processed foods, and may help explain modern humans’ flatter, slender faces.

    Justin Ledogar, who received his Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology from the University in 2015, was lead author and researcher on the study of the human jawbone.
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Professor Phyllis Galembo

The Art of Disguise

Photography Professor Phyllis Galembo’s portraits capture the artistry and transformative power of ritual dress in Africa and the Americas. Recently, Galembo received a fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts in support of her work, the third of her career. She adds this to her many accomplishments, including a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship, a show at the Venice Biennale international exhibition, and a Senior Fulbright Research Award for Kings, Chiefs and Women of Power: Images from Nigeria.

Read more about Professor Galembo and how to study fine arts at the University at Albany.

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