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The College of Arts and Sciences is a diverse community of exceptional scholars working together toward the common goal of excellence in the pursuit of knowledge, both for its own sake and in service to society.

The College is the University’s largest academic unit and provides the liberal arts foundation for a UAlbany education. In our programs, students explore big ideas and timely, important problems; unleash their creativity and develop their aesthetic sensibility; investigate and analyze the natural world; and develop the flexible intellect required to be engaged local and global citizens.

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    Lightning Before the (Really Big) Storm

    Kristen Corbosiero and Stephanie Stephenson’s research got a literal boost recently in Cape Canaveral, Fla. When a Lockheed Martin satellite lifted off into geosynchronous orbit on Nov. 19, it created an exciting new source of evidence to increase their multiple studies of tropical cyclones.
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    The Heat Is On

    Feeling under the weather? Some believe that extreme climate changes are a catalyst for negative long-term health issues for populations across the globe.

    Approximately 40 faculty researchers from the University’s School of Public Health (SPH), the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (DAES), the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center (ASRC), and the Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center, as well as a number of UAlbany students convened Wednesday, Nov. 30, to examine the matter.
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    Study: Daily Routines Impact Childhood Development

    The collaborative study, led by University at Albany psychologist Jennifer Weil Malatras, found that individuals who grow up with predictable, daily routines are less likely to have time management or attention problems as adults.
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    Springtime in the Netherlands

    Professor Laurie Beth Feldman recently returned from a lab visit at Qatar University. She will be packing her bags again in April, this time for the Netherlands. UAlbany Professor Laurie Feldman Psychology professor Laurie Feldman.

    Feldman, a cognitive psychologist with a specialization in language, has won a prestigious Radboud Excellence Initiative Professorship.
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Excellent Evidence

Graduate students Claire Muro and Kyle Doty invent new ways for forensic scientists to solve crimes. Current methods for examining fluids found at crime scenes result in the destruction of evidence. But Claire and Kyle, under the supervision of Professor Igor Lednev, are helping to change that. They recently received awards for their work on nondestructive forensic methods, Muro for differentiating between five main body fluids and Doty for distinguishing human blood and that of ten animal species.

Read more Claire, Kyle, and the work being done in the Lednev Lab, and learn more about the study of chemistry at the University at Albany.

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