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The Center for Achievement Retention and Student Success (CARSS) is a support service that was created to provide free academic assistance to intended or declared science majors. Many very smart students are able to increase their grades by receiving highly tailored and structured assistance in challenging biology, chemistry and physics courses from peers who have already taken and performed well in those courses. CARSS has tapped into the resource of experienced students on campus who want to help their peers, and has provided them with additional formalized training on how to explain complex concepts in biology, chemistry and physics to students who are currently enrolled in those courses. This highly successful program has helped thousands of students enhance their performance in first and second year science courses including Genetics, General Chemistry I & II, and Organic Chemistry I & II, and Physics I & II (both algebra and calculus based). CARSS participants across all demographics enjoy higher pass rates in their science courses, and have higher graduation rates than non-CARSS participants.

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Professor Rabi Ann Musah serves as Director of the CARSS program. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in organic chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and forensics chemistry, as well as sub-disciplines of these areas. She has a demonstrated strong commitment to facilitating student learning and accommodating different learning styles in the classroom. Her research interests are in the areas of medicinal organosulfur natural products, plant chemical defense, and forensics analysis of plants. She brings to CARSS her experience in teaching, pedagogy, mentoring, student advising, networking, project management and fund raising.

Dianne Jester, program coordinator for CARSS, is a former teacher and more recently a program coordinator for a conference center. She contributes to CARSS her extensive organizational and problem solving skills, management and customer-driven experiences and her love of interacting with people of all backgrounds.

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