Internship Madness FAQ's

What is Networking Madness?
It is a head-to-head competition to determine the best way to network.   It is similar to the NCAA basketball playoff, except ideas are competing against each other instead of teams.  The competition will start April 4th, and the deadline to submit your guess for the ultimate winner is 5pm on March 29th.

What is a bracket? 
The bracket for any competition shows how the competitors will be matched up for the whole competition.  It shows how the winners from each round will be matched up for each subsequent round.   This year our bracket is a bit more complicated. We have 24 ideas instead of 16. So 8 ideas will automatically make it into the Round of 16.

How are the winning ideas determined? 
Winners will be determined by student votes.  There will be daily online polls from April 2nd April 11th where 2 ideas will be put against each other and students can vote on which idea they like best.  The ideas that get the most votes are the winners! 

How do you win one of the prizes? 
You win a prize if you can guess the outcome of the entire tournament.  You enter the contest by filling out the bracket with your best guesses of who wins each head-to-head competition. Make sure you also fill in the tiebreaker – guessing how many entries we received. 

How do I fill out the bracket?
  1. Choose the winning idea for each head-to-head competition in the first round and write it in the empty box.  Each correct guess gets you 1 point. 
  2. Then choose the winning ideas for each subsequent round based on your previously chosen winners.  Each round gets tougher so the points get higher.
  3. Get the most points and you win one of the 3 prizes, sponsored by UAlbany Foundation
    • 1st place -  $100 gift card for Target
    • 2nd place -  $50 gift card for Target
    • 3rd place -  $25 gift card for Target
  4. Include your guess of how many entries are submitted (we will use that as a tie breaker if we need it). If you don’t include this number, you cannot win.
  5. Then join in the daily polls, picking your favorite ideas.  The polls start April 2nd.   Winning ideas will be announced the following day.           

What is the deadline for turning in the bracket? 
5:00 pm Friday, March 29th.

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