Forms FAQs

  • Who should I send forms to?
    All HRM forms (with all related forms and materials) should be submitted to the Budget Office after they have been signed by the appropriate Dean or Vice President. This includes sabbaticals and extra service forms. The Budget Office will forward forms to the Provost's Office and the Office of Human Resources Management as appropriate. See Budget office address on the right.
  • How long will it take for my form to be processed?
    Forms need to be submitted promptly with sufficient time to process them through all appropriate offices before new employees start work or changes take effect. Processing times depend on the completeness of the submission and also include time for mail between offices.
    In general, forms need to be submitted by the Friday before the start of the pay period during which they are effective. See the Payroll calendar on the Calendars page for dates. Refer to the Paperwork due in Budget Office date for the pay period the effective date falls in.
  • I sent my form to [name of office] two weeks ago. Can you tell me if it has been processed?
    We can only track forms that have been submitted to the Budget Office first. When forms first enter the Budget office, they are entered into a tracking database. If you send your form directly to another office, they will not be in our database and we can’t tell you where they are.

If you have questions about submitting a form, please call the Budget office at 6-8090.