Projects and Funding




o   PI, FRAPP: Fair, Robust, And Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Algorithms, SUNY-IBM AI Research Alliance, 2021-2022.


o   PI, Robust Deep Learning with Big Imbalanced Data, National Science Foundation (NSF), IIS-2110546, 2021-2024. (Collaborative project with University of Iowa)


o   PI, New Studies of Learning with Stochastic Convex Optimization, National Science Foundation (NSF), DMS-2110836, 2021-2024.


o   Co-PI, A Study of New Aggregate Losses for Machine Learning, National Science Foundation (NSF), IIS-2008532 , 2020-2023.


o   PI, Online AUC Maximization Algorithms for Streaming Data, National Science Foundation (NSF), IIS-1816227 , 2018- 2021.


o   PI, Theory and Algorithms for Nonstandard Prediction Problems, Simons Foundation (Collaboration Grants for Mathematicians), No. 4422504, 2016-2021. (Terminated at 2018 due to the award of NSF)


o   PI, Advanced peer to peer transactive energy platform with predictive optimization, Department of Energy (subaward from Ecolong), 2018-2019.


o   PI, Metric Learning for Big data, Presidential Innovation Fund for Research and Scholarship (PIFRS) from UAlbany, 2016- 2017.


o   PI, Towards a New Generation of Matrix Learning Methods in Machine Learning, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC),  EP/J001384/1 (UK), 2/2012-6/2013.


o   PI, Towards Automatic Prediction of Tumor Growth from CT Images, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (UK), 2012- 2013.



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