Kernel Learning and Data Integration




Kernel methods have been extensively used for modern data analysis. They can incorporate discriminatory features into kernel matrices which encode the similarity between samples in respective data sources. The performance of a kernel machine largely depends on the data representation via the choice of kernel function. Hence, one central issue in kernel methods is the problem of kernel selection. Kernel learning can range from the width parameter selection of Gaussian kernels to obtaining an optimal linear combination from a set of finite candidate kernels. The latter is often referred to as multiple kernel learning (MKL) in Machine Learning and non-parametric Group Lasso in Statistics.




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Firstly, the theoretical part of this project is to address the statistical and computational challenges of kernel learning problems such as generalization analysis and the design efficient algorithms for massive data sources.  Secondly, perhaps more importantly, we apply these theoretical principles to integrating multiple biomedical datasets to enhance the biological inference and fusing various image descriptors in face verification.


Selected Publications:


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