GOG 324  The City on Computer

Spring, 2003

Professor:  Youqin Huang
Office: AS 215
Email: yhuang@albany.edu


                    Albany, Saratoga and Schenectady census tract and county boundary file (Winzip file)

                    Roads.shp (Winzip file)

                    Cities.shp (Winzip file)


 Roads2.shp (Winzip file)


 Streets.shp (Winzip file)



 U.S. State and County FIPS

            Names for variables in 1990 Census Summary Table


Download Census 2000 TIGER/LineŽ Data from ESRI webpage

US Census Bureau Cartographic Boundary Files

US Census Bureau 1990 Census STF3

US Census Bureau 2000 Census

US Federal Statistics

US Geological Survey

NY State GIS Clearinghouse

Assignment 1
                  Assignment 2
                  Assignment 3
                  Assignment 4
                  Assignment 5
                  Assignment 6
                  Assignment 7

Assignment 8


Spatial Selection, Statistical and Spatial Analysis

Theme Manipulation and Geocoding