MLK Memorial

The Fraternity

Prominent Alphas


Civic Leaders

Dennis Archer - 1st African American President of the American Bar Association (August 2003)
Julius L. Chambers - NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Frederick Douglass - Abolitionist, Scholar
W.E.B. Du Bois - Civil Rights Activist, Philosopher, Writer, Historian
Lester Granger - National Urban League
William Gray - United Negro College Fund, Businessman
Dick Gregory - Social Activist
Charles Hamilton Houston - NAACP Legal Counsel
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Civil Rights Leader, Preacher
Hugh B. Price - Executive Director, National Urban League
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. - Civil Rights Activist
Paul Robeson - Activist, Scholar, Singer, Former NFL Player
Dr. Cornel West - Harvard Professor, Author, Lecturer
Franklin Williams - Phelps-Stokes Fund
Whitney M. Young, Jr. - Executive Director, National Urban League


Government Leaders

O. Rudolph Aggrey - United States Ambassador to Romania
Richard Arrington - Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama
Thomas V. Barnes - Mayor of Gary, Indiana
Marion S. Barry - Former Mayor of Washington, D.C.
Theodore Berry - Board of the National NAACP
Edward W. Brooke - United States Senator, Massachusetts
Lee P. Brown - Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy
Ronald Brown - Former Secretary of Commerce
Willie Brown - Mayor of San Francisco, California (Delta Omicron Chapter)
Reverend Emmanuel Cleaver - Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri
U.W. Clemon - Federal Judge, U.S. District Court
William Coleman - United States Secretary of Transportation
Charles H. Davenport - 1st African American Police Chief, Vicksburg, Mississippi
David Dinkins - Former Mayor of New York, New York (1989 - 1993)
Chaka Fattah - Congressman, Pennsylvania, 2nd District
Ernest Finney - South Carolina Supreme Court Justice
William H. Gray, III - President & CEO of the United Negro College Fund
Earl Hilliard - Congressman, Alabama, 7th District
Maynard Jackson, Jr. - 1st African American Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia (1973 - 1981 & 1989 -1993)
Harvey Johnson - 1st African American Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi
Sidney A. Jones - Municipal Judge Circuit, Cooke County, Illinois
James A. Joseph - United States Ambassador to South Africa
Damon Keith - District Court Judge, Michigan
Kwame Kilpatrick - Mayor of Detroit, Michigan
Thurgood Marshall - Former United States Supreme Court Justice, Civil Rights Activist
Ralph Metcalf - Congressman, Illinois
Ernest N. Morial - 1st African American Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana (1977 - 1986)
Marc H. Morial - Former Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana (1994 - 2002)
Samuel Pierce, Jr. - Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (1981 - 1989)
Ronald Dellums - Congressman, California, 9th District
Charles Price - Circuit Court Judge, Montgomery County - Maryland
Adan Clayton Powell, Jr. - United States Representative, New York
Charles Rangle - Congressman, New York, 15th District
Norman Rice - 1st African American Mayor of Seattle, Washington (1989 - 1997)
Aubrey Robinson - District Court Judge, Washington D.C.
Eugene Sawyer - Former Mayor of Chicago, Illinois (1987 - 1989)
Robert C. Scott - Congressman, Virginia, 3rd District
Bennett Stewart - United States House of Representatives, Illinois
Gerald Thomas - United States Ambassador to Kenya
Terrance Todman - U.S. Ambassador to Denmark
Lionel Wilson - 1st African American Mayor of Oakland, California (1977 -1989)
Andrew Young, Jr. - Former Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia (1981 - 1990)


Business Leaders

Henry Brown - Vice President of Marketing Affairs & Development for Anheuser-Busch
W. Melvin Brown - CEO, American Development Corporation
Thomas J. Burrell - CEO, Burrell Advertising
John Bustamante - First National Bank Association
Darwin Davis - Equitable Life Insurance
Nathanial Goldston - CEO & Founder, Gourmet Services, Incorporated
Eugene Jackson - CEO, World African Network
Charles James, III - CEO, James Produce
Delano Lewis - President, National Public Radio
Henry Parks - Founder, Parks Sausage, Incorporated
Thomas Shrosphire - Phillip Morris, Incorporated
Donald Simmons - Simmons Oil Company
Hilton Smith - Vice President, Turner Construction
Joshua Smith - CEO, Maxima Corporation
Wayman Smith, III - Anheuser-Busch


Entertainers & Media Figures

Cannonball Adderly - World Famous Jazz Musician
Gerarld Albright - World Famous Jazz Musician
Darryl Bell - Actor, "A Different World"
Tony Brown - Journalist, Television Producer
Countee Cullen - World Famous Poet
Edward "Duke" Ellington - World Famous Jazz Musician
Keith Garrett - Executive, Martin Network Television
Mal Goode - 1st African American Network Television Producer
Marc Gay - Singer of the Musical Group "Shai"
Lionel Hampton - World Famous Jazz Musician
Gary Hardwick - World Renown Film Producer, Writer, & Author
Donny Hathaway - Singer, Musician
Eugene Jackson - National Black Network
Johnson H. Johnson - Publisher, Founder, Johnson Publications, Ebony & Jet Magazine
Carl Martin - Singer of the Musical Group "Shai"
Lionel Richie - Grammy Award Winning Musician
Stewart Scott - ESPN Sportscenter Anchorman
Chuck Stone - Philadelphia Daily News
Darnell Van Rensalier - Singer of the Musical Group "Shai"
Keenon Ivory Wayans - Actor, Comedian, Director, Producer



Walt Bellamy - 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist (Basketball), NBA Hall of Fame
Junior Bridgeman - Former NBA Player
John O. Brown - Former Dillard University Basketball Coach
Quinn Buckner - Former NBA Player & Coach, 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist (Basketball), Sports Analyst
Wes Chandler - Former NFL Player
Greg Coleman - 1st African American NFL Punter
Todd Day - Former NBA Player
Wayne Embry - First African American NBA General Manager, NBA Hall Of Fame
Rosie Greer - Former NFL Player
Charles Haley - Former NFL Player
Michael Jackson - Former NFL Player
Dhani Jones - NFL Player, Philadelphia Eagles
Carnell Lake - Former NFL Player
Michael Merriweather - Former NFL Player