Turkish Student Association

University at Albany

State University of New York







“… many other theoretical assumptions relying on a view of rational, materialist, pragmatic, functionalist, self-centered, and self-contained human beings fall short in application to understanding of much Turkish behavior. A guiding model is required that leaves room for the irrational, spiritual, altruistic, conservative, other-centered, community-oriented, and interdependent human being.” – A. Gülerce


Turkish Student Association (Turksa) is a Recognized Graduate Student Organization at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Turksa is a common ground for anyone, Turkish descendant or not, who is interested in Turks, Turkey, and/or Turkish culture. Started in the spring of 2006, Turksa aims to promote Turkish culture and cultural diversity at UAlbany for all the members of campus community by organizing and collaborating in multicultural events.









Turkish Student Association · University at Albany