Schedule for Mat 452/552 Schedule for Women in Math

Schedule - Math 452/552

Day 1: Jan 20
Reading Failing at Fairness, chapter 1: Hidden Lessons. Homework: Brief reseach on history of women's education in the USA. Read second chapter Through the back door: the history of women's education. Print Osen's note on Hypathia pdf or
tif file
Day 2: Jan 25
Discussions of previous class findings. Brief discussion of math before Hypatia. Pythagoras and his school. Problem set 1.
Day 3: Jan 27
Report on Hypathia. Ptolemy's Almagest, work on Diophantus, Apollonious Conics.
Day 4: Feb 1
Readings on Hypathia's math. Her work on Diophantus
Day 5: Feb 3
Equity in elementary school - Failing at Fairness: Missing in interaction (ch 3) and "Who whants to feel stupid all the time". -- 1st paper
Day 6: Feb 8
Discussion of failing at fairness ch 3 and "who wants to feel stupid all the time"
Day 7: Feb 10
Sophie Germain, Caroline Hershel
Day 8: Feb 15
Maria Agnesi, Emilie du Chatelet, presentation and discussion
Day 9: Feb 17
Discussion of problems for Hershel, Germain, Agnesi, Chatelet
Day 10: Feb 24
Emmy Noether, presentation and discussion
Day 11: Mar 1
Sonia Kovalevsky, presentation and discussion
Day 12: Mar 3
Sex differences in visual spacial ability, negative expectancies
Day 13: Mar 8
Failing at Fairness: the self-steem slide (ch 4) -- High School: in search of herself (ch 5)
2nd paper -- Fair Testing
Presentation: Olga Taussky-Todd
Day 14: Mar 10
Presentation: Mary Ellen Rudin, Florence Nightingale
Day 15: Mar 15
Presentation: Alice Schafer, Marjorie Lee Brown
Day 16: Mar 17
Presentation: Julia Robinson, Evelyn Grandville
Day 17: Mar 29
Presentation: Cathleen Morawetz,
Summary of women born 1900--1925
Day 18: Mar 31
Women becoming Mathematicians. Failing at Fairness: ch 6 and ch 7 higher education: colder by degrees
What still needs to change?
Day 19: Apr 5
Abbe Herzig from School of Education: Harvard's president Lawrence Summers 2005 speech
Day 20: Apr 7
Contributions of girls only schools -- Failing at Fairness: ch 8 Miseducation of boys -- ch 9 Different Voices, Different Schools
Day 21: Apr 12
Top producers of women math doctorates, equity in math: the college years -- Women born after 1925
Day 22: Apr 14
Presentation 1
Day 23: Apr 19
Presentation 2
Day 24: Apr 21
Presentation 3
Day 25: Apr 26
Presentation 4
Day 26: Apr 28
Presentation 5
Day 27: May 3
Discusson on Women Math Professors, Affirmative action, fight for tenure

Paper 1: Women born in the 1700 and 1800's

  • Maria Gaetana Agnesi 1718-1799, Sophie Germain 1776-1831, Sonia Kovalevsky 1850-1891, Emmy Noether 1882-1935
  • Emilie du Chatelet 1706-1749, Caroline Hershel 1750-1848, Mary Fairfax Somerville Mary Everest Boole 1832-1916
  • Paper 2: Women born before 1925

  • Marjorie Lee Brown, Evelyn Boyd Grandville, Grace Murray Hopper, Olga Ladyshenskaya, Cathleen Morawetz, Julia Bowman Robinson, Mary ellen Rudin, Alice T. Schafer, Olga Taussky-Todd, Olga Arsenevna Oleinik, Florence Nightingale.\\ Mary Ross (1st native american), Mina Rees, Emma Lehmer, Ruth Moufang, Rozsa Peter, Winifred Sargent, marie-Louise Dubriel-Jacotin, Mary Fasenmyer, Grace Murray Hopper, Herta Taussig Freitag, Florence Nightingale David, Doris Cannell, Hanna Neuman, Helena Rasiowa, Phyllis Nicolson, Kathleen McNulty mauchly Antonelli, Edna Kramer Lassar, Cora Ratto Sadosky, Jane Scanlon.
  • Paper 3: Women born after 1925

  • History of black women in math
  • Biographies of Women Mathematicians at AWM
  • Biographies of Women Mathematicians Agnes Scott College
  • MacTutor History of Math at St Andrews, New Scotland
  • Student's Choices: Sonet Gravina --


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