MATH 481/503: A Case Study in Life Contingencies

Spring 1998


This course has been designed together with Tower-Perin, an actuarial firm which recruits at SUNY-Albany every year. Its goal is to give you an insight into he work of an Actuary. You are not required to have taken Theory of Interest, MAT 301, as we will develop those tools from Theory of Interest and from Probability which are needed for Life Contingencies.

This course will be a workshop. We will focus on solving problems during most of the class time, with lectures as they are needed. Your grade will be based on your homework presentations, 4 exams and one presentation at the end of the semester, each of these portions being 1/6 of your final grade.

A temptative schedule for the exams is as follows:

My goals for this course are not only that you learn the basics for Life Contingencies but that you also develop good communication skills.