MATH 403 A - 503 A
Life Contingencies (I)

Spring Semester 2003

Assignments in the course

Exam 3: Skip the computation of the variance in problem 3(d).
TIME OF MEETING: Tue & Thr  9:45 - 11:05
PLACE: Earth Science 142
INSTRUCTOR: Karin Reinhold,  ES 128A,  phone 442-4641
Office hours:   To be determined  or by appt.,  or by e-mail.
TEXT: Actuarial Mathematics, by Bowers, Gerber, Hickman, Jones, and Nesbitt, 2nd Edition, Society of Actuaries.
PRE-REQUISITE: Theory of Interest Math 301, Discrete Probability Math 367


MAT 403A-503A is the first semester of a year long course on Life Contingencies and serves as preparation for exam Course 3 of the Society of Actuaries.

Topics covered include chapters 3 to 10 of the textbook.

The objective is to understand the topics of life contingecies and get the basic preparation for Exam Course 3 of the Society of Actuaries. This include getting familiar with the actuarial mathematics notation and to be able to solve problems. As with theory of interest, the difficulty in this course is to keep definitions and notation straight. It is a nice blend of simple probability and interest theroy. Basic knowlegde of statistics is a plus, but anyone who already took or is preparing exam Course 1 has more than enough background.


Feb 11: Chapter 3
Mar 13: Chapters 4, 5
Apr 8: Chapters 6, 7, 8
May 6: Chapters 9, 10, 11
May 14: Final Exam 1-3pm.
The above schedule is ambitious, we'll adjust it as we advance thorugh the material of the course. The final grade will be based on the best three scores of your tests. A minimum average of 50% is required to pass the course, not more than one exam can be failed, all 4 exams are required to pass the course, plus a final exam.
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