MATH 372 - Summer 2003
Linear Programming and Game Theory

TIME OF MEETING: Mon - Fri   9:30 - 11:45
INSTRUCTOR: Professor Karin Reinhold,  ES 128A,  phone 442-4641
Office hours:   after class    -   or by appt.,  or by e-mail.
TEXT: Mathematical Introduction to Linear Programming and Game Theory Louis Brickman, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics, Springer-Verlag.

Bobbie's problems.


This course studies the fundamentals of Linear Programming: the simplex algorithm, duality theory and matrix games. We will cover the whole book and if time allows we'll incur into further study of games: cooperative and non--cooperative games, zero sum games, non zero sum games and more.


This schedule is temptative, I may change later the number of exams. Assignments are an essential part of the course and their total will count as one exam.
Exam 1: June 3 Chapters 1, 2, 3
Exam 2: June 13 Chapters 3, 4, 5
Exam 3: June 20 Chapters 5, 6


Attendance at class meetings is recommended. However, if you miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out the topics covered in that class and the homework or assignments I gave.
Attendance at exams is mandatory. If you have a personal problem and can not come to an exam, you have to contact me in advance (that is before the exam) and explain your reasons and discuss with me how you are going to make it up.
To contact me you can talk to me in my office, phone (2-4641), e-mail (, or leave a note under my door or with the secretaries.
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