MATH 368: Statistics and Continuous Probability

Spring 2009

Bibliography: Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, by J. Devore, 7th edition, Thompson--Brooks--Cole, Duxbury series.
Office: ES 123A -- phone: 442--4641.

This course is a continuation of Math 367, Discrete Probabilities. The goal is to learn the basic tools for statisitcs. To that effect, we need first to learn about continuous probabilities, in particular those used in statistical tests. We will study many of the same topics of dicrete probability: mean, variance, covariance, joint distributions, conditional probability, but now applied to continuos random variables. Then we will learn some special distributions: the Normal Distribution, Exponential, Gamma, Beta, Chi--Square, Student--T and F distributions. From there, we will study the basic tols of statistical inference: point estimation, confidence intervals and test of hypothesis for means, proportions and variances. This is an ambitious program, but since we have a relatively small class, it is my hope that we can move in an agile pace. I need you to be on top of the material. There will be homework every day and quizzes every week on Fridays.

I encourage you to make friends with at least one class mate with whom you could work and study together.

The class will be graded as follows:

A tentative schedule for the exams is as follows: