Writing Assignments for Mat 367Z Summer 2007

  • Assignment 1: Write an essay on the role of Blais Pascal and Pierre de Fermat on the development of probability. At the end, include a list of al the references you have used. Due Tue June 5
    Answer to yourself the following questions when writing your paper:


    Does your paper:
  • use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation? (use Microsoft Words)
  • give acknowledgment where it is due?
  • use correct format for referring to references?
  • give evidence of creative writing?

  • Assignment 2: Write an essay on Jakob (James, Jacques) Bernoulli, the Bernoulli trials, and the Law of Large numbers. Due Tuesday June 12.
  • Assignment 3: Write an essay on Andrei Markov and Markov Chains. What kind of problems was he studying when he started Markov Chains? Who else were the earlier contributors to Markov Chains and what problems were they studying? Due Tuesday June 19.