Writing Checklist for Math 367Z
Based on a checklist by Annalisa Crannell at Franklin & Marshall

This list will be used to grade your assignment, and will be returned to you with comments.
Save your paper on a disk for your own reference and for revisions.

For each problem you need to solve, consider:

Part 1 - Problem

  • Clearly state each problem

    Part 2 - Solution

  • Describe in your own words the solution to the problem.
  • Define all variables, terminology, and notation used.
  • Clearly state the formulas and properties or facts that you are using to solve the problem.
  • If a problem requires it, give simple examples.
  • Make sure your paper contains correct mathematics.
  • Does you argument flow smoothly? Follow clear logical steps in your arguments.
  • Make sure you donít leave cases out.
  • Clearly state the solution to the problem.


    Does your paper:
  • use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation?
  • give acknowledgment where it is due?
  • use correct format for referring to references?
  • give evidence of creative writing?