MATH 308
Topics in Statistical Inference
Fall 2008

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Intro Stats by De Veaux, Velleman \& Bock
Pearson, Prentice Hall

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Chapter 6: nose
Applets: Binomialdistribution
Binomial: approximation by Normal.
Random number generator.

Course description:

This course is part 2 of a basic course in statistics. It has Math 108 as a pre--requisite or having taken statistics in highschool. You should be familiar with descriptive statistics, histograms, boxplots, correlation, the basics of probability, the Binomial random variable and the normal distribution. We will continue hypothesis testing for proportions, estimating means with confidence, testing hypothesis about means, Chi--square tests, simple and multiple regression, analysis of variance, and lastly, non--parametric methods.

The grade in the course will be based on four exams of 100 pts each, plus in class or on line quizzes (total of 50 pts) and projects (total of 50 pts). We will have weekly quizzes. Familiarize yourself with Blackboard. The on-line quizzes and projects will be posted there. To pass the course you need to obtain a total average of 50\% or more, must not obtain a grade of 30 or less in more than one exam or in the combination of all quizzes.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the dates of the exams and the content and due date of assignments. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to be aware of the topics discussed during that class, the assigned homework and the possibly given assignment. There are no make ups for in-class quizzes missed.

There is no reason to miss an exam other than getting sick (bring note from doctor), being on a team that has a game at the same time an exam is given (bring a note from your coach), or a death or serious illness in your family (bring a note from your family). In the event you can not attend an exam, you must notify me in advance, otherwise your grade for that exam will be 0. You can contact me by phone (leave a message if I'm not in), stop by my office (leave a note if I'm not in) or send me an e-mail.