Information about Maple

A few pointers

  1. A Maple statement must be terminated with a semi-colon, i.e., the character ';'.
  2. Almost everything that is done in Maple is done with functions.
  3. A variable name is defined in Maple using ":="; the equality sign by itself is reserved for logical use such as in "if" statements.
  4. For help on "topic" enter the command "?topic".

Locally available information

The locally available documents were obtained through Waterloo Maple Software.

In the two items below "TeX/DVI" and "PostScript" are both typeset formats. To view either of these your WWW browser must be operating under a graphical user interface (e.g., "Windows") and, with most WWW browsers, an auxiliary viewer appropriate to the format must be available.

Locally available primer on Maple

Locally available information on programming in Maple

Information available elsewhere

Indiana University maintains an index of Maple resources, including tutorials, that are available on the network.

The WWW site at Waterloo Maple Software is the definitive site for information about Maple as a product and for Maple shareware.

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