October 17, 1998

Deparment of Mathematics,
Earth Science Building Room 245
University at Albany, SUNY


Weather: they are forecasting icy-road condition for Friday morning. Please drive safely and don't worry if you can't make it for 9:00am. Perhaps you will have to delay the trip for an hour. That's OK. We'll be waiting for you.

SKD Schedule

Math Competition

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Teacher Workshops

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Sponsored by
the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM),
the National Security Agency (NSA)
University at Albany, SUNY
and Local Sponsors

Sonia Kovalevsky Days have been organized by AWM and institutions around the country since 1985, when AWM sponsored a symposium on Sonia Kovalevsky. They consist of a program of workshops, talks, and problem-solving competitions for high school women students and their teachers, both women and men. The purposes are to encourage young women to continue their study of mathematics, to assist them with the sometimes difficult transition between high school and college mathematics, to assist the teachers of women mathematics students, and to encourage colleges and universities to develop more extensive cooperation with high schools in their area. Follow-up studies will track whether the participants go to college, what they major in, and what they do upon graduation from college.

  • Sonia Kovalevsky's brief biography

  • SKD Schedule

    8:30  -  9:00 Breakfast and Registration
    9:00  -  9:45 Introduction
    10:00  -  10:50 Workshops:   Coloring Knots, Ms. Mapleman,  
    Teacher's Workshop:   Is It Always Sixteen?
    11:00  -  11:50 Math Competition and
    Teacher's Workshop Reasons and Resourses to encourage women to pursue mathematics
    12:00  -  1:00 Lunch
    1:00  -  2:30 Career Panels
    2:40  -  3:30 Workshops:   Simpson's Paradox, Tilings
    3:30  -  4:00 Prizes and Closing Remarks

    Math Competition

    All students are encouraged to register for the Math Competition. The competition will consists of questions at the 10-12 grade level. The competition is a chance to work in unfamiliar problems with unusual twists. Its main purpose is not to rank the students but to provide a challenging learning experience. The University at Albany Foundation has generously donated price money for the top 3 competitors in the form of scholarships towards tuition at the University at Albany, SUNY. All participants will receive an commemorative T-shirt.

    Career Talks:

    The panelists are successful women of our community. They will talk about what they do, how they use mathematics in their work, why they chose their careers and what obstacles they encountered getting there.


    The workshops will expose you to the usefulness, elegance and beauty of mathematics.

    Teacher's Workshops:

    On Line Workshop

    Carlos Rodriguez: Ms. Mapleman: a robot for chatting math online. Dept. of Math., Univ. at Albany, SUNY.

    Prof. Rodriguez will walk you through an on line demostration from one of our computer classrooms.

    SKD Local Sponsors

  • Barns and Noble,
  • Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza: a locally owned, women-owned, independent bookstore,
  • Tavern Puzzels Collection,
  • Texas Instruments