How to be interesting? A content-based approach for user engagement

This presentation reviews research work on how can content strategy be used to impact and improve information behavior and user experience

Teaching E-commerce to STEM students - Leveraging evidence from a large-scale survey

This presentation reviews insights drawn from an E-commerce course developed for STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students. The course was developed for over two years and offered to undergraduate students at universities both …

Web experiments

This project encompasses empirical examinations of how users willingness’ to disclose personal data is influenced by the amount of information provided on landing pages – standalone web pages created explicitly for marketing or advertising campaigns. A series of large-scale web experiments (n= 535 and n= 27,900) were conducted employing a between-subjects design and A/B testing. Two variants of landing pages, long and short, were created based on relevant behavioral theories.