Less is more: An empirical investigation of the relationship between amount of ‎digital content and user engagement

Does more information elicit users’ compliance and engagement, or the other way around? This presentation explores the relationship between content strategy and user experience (UX). Specifically, we examine how the amount of information provided on …

Computational text analysis

Objective: Examine the possibility to use computational linguistics and natural language processing (NLP) for methodological, automatic or semi-automatic evaluation and creation of engaging digital content.

Web experiments

This project encompasses empirical examinations of how users willingness’ to disclose personal data is influenced by the amount of information provided on landing pages – standalone web pages created explicitly for marketing or advertising campaigns. A series of large-scale web experiments (n= 535 and n= 27,900) were conducted employing a between-subjects design and A/B testing. Two variants of landing pages, long and short, were created based on relevant behavioral theories.